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Free pet insurance now available for your new pet

Penrith Vets in conjunction with Pet Plan are now able to offer new puppy and kitten owners free pet insurance for the first four weeks. When you bring your new friend in for a vaccination or one of our free puppy and kitten health checks, you have the opportunity to have your new addition insured for the first month at no charge. There are no obligations. Just leave your email address with us and we will register your pet with Pet Plan's free insurance period.

Why have your pet insured?

There are three very good reasons to choose pet health insurance.
For your friend – unfortunately, there are times when many tests are required to determine a problem and its best possible solution. When cost is not important these can be performed together so that your pet spends much less time away from you. Some medications are also very expensive and are often not used.

For you – the obvious explanation is that you aren't out of pocket whenever there is a problem. However, having your pet with you and healthy as quickly as possible is also an obvious reason to have pet insurance.
To help us – with many of the problems that we encounter every day, it helps greatly to have as much information as possible and to be able to use the best possible treatments. With many illnesses, simply being able to quickly ‘do what is required’ means we can diagnose your pet’s illness and can begin with the best possible treatment as soon as possible. Where cost is eliminated as a concern, this can be done every time your pet is ill. It means we don’t need to ‘skip’ some processes in treating your pet if you are insured. This means a faster recovery for your pet.

Pet insurance uses

Your pet does not have to miss out, even with expensive procedures and medications if you have pet insurance. Let us know if you do insure your pets; it can often change the treatment options we have.

It is difficult to predict whether you are going to need pet insurance. However, there are several very common illnesses that can cost a lot of money for ideal treatment, for example:

Skin allergies – ideal treatment for many dogs is allergy testing then use of a vaccine. Initial cost approx. $900

Joint problems such as arthritis and cruciate ligament injuries – most large dogs will have at least one of these in its lifetime. Appropriate medications and surgeries are often expensive.
Broken bones and stomach foreign bodies – these are common and usually cost between $1000-2000.

Blindness caused by cataracts and spinal problems –these issues are common with age and cost between $3000-5000. These things are available and very worthwhile doing if the financial component is removed.

Specialist services – specialists can now bring the latest technologies and techniques to improving our pet’s quality of life. The costs, however, can be great and are nearly always in the thousands of dollars.

Emergencies – we never want emergencies to occur, but they do and emergency centres are very expensive.

We will help you get pet insurance for your new pet

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