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Matthew & Sally Churchill

Matthew and Sally have owned and managed Penrith Veterinary Hospital since 1999 and have watched with pride as it has developed from a small one person practice to a large, fully-equipped, six-veterinarian hospital.

After graduating in 1993 from the University of Sydney, Sally and Matthew quickly developed a passion for helping pets both surgically and medically. Sally began working at Penrith Veterinary Hospital in 1994 before working in many practices across the UK over the following two years.

Matthew completed a yearlong advanced course in surgery while working in southern Sydney before spending two years in Buckinghamshire, England. He worked in a huge hospital and learned the benefit and importance of working with other highly qualified vets in developing and providing treatments for pets.
These principles were brought back to Penrith Veterinary Hospital in 1998, where they continued to improve their interest in animal treatments by completing comprehensive courses in surgery, treatment of cancers, radiology, internal medicine, emergency medicine and ultrasound. They have turned these passions into skills to be able to identify conditions and comprehensively care for the pets that they have the honour of treating.

Matt and Sally live locally and have two children, Anna and Robbie, who they adore. Mouse and Charlie are their two cats, one being diabetic and the other being trouble on four legs. In 2011, they acquired the cutest little dog in the world from Paws ’N’ Hooves called Jamie.
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David Khor 

We have the tools and expertise to provide extensive, rapid and gentle care for your pets. We provide technologies such as ultrasound, digital radiography, digital dental radiography, instant access blood testing, ECG and many others that give us information without causing any discomfort to your pet. Our information is also available to quickly clarify and resolve your pet’s condition.

If your companion needs a procedure, you can be comforted in knowing that we implement pain relieving techniques before, during and after all procedures where any discomfort is expected, and your pet will be cared for under anaesthesia by experienced vets and nurses.

With the corporatisation of some veterinary hospitals, the cost of some services can be extortionate. Penrith Veterinary Hospital has always aimed to provide vet services in an affordable way. We operate an independent veterinary hospital that puts your pet first, and we will always discuss costs and options for helping your pets.


Veterinary Receptionist

Xenia Iona

Xenia is a Sydney University veterinary honours graduate who joined Penrith Veterinary Hospital in October 2009. Over the years, Xenia has worked extensively in small animal practice in the greater Sydney metropolitan area, in South Australia and also in England. She enjoys all aspects of small animal medicine and surgery and loves the fact that her patients are often intriguing, lovable, quirky, funny and in the most: cuddly! At home, Xenia plays ball and takes long walks with Gus the Gorgeous and Millie Vanillie.

Barbara Allen  

Barbara started working at Penrith Veterinary Hospital in 1981, and after vowing never to come back after her first day, she has been the face of Penrith Veterinary Hospital ever since. As one of the friendliest and most helpful people in the world, Barbara has known people that have been coming to Penrith Vets for 30 years and has made friends with all of them. She is incredibly accommodating and knows far too much which is why she is in high demand when on reception. She is here weekends, evenings and during the day and still has time to care after her husband John and her cute little Chihuahua Chikita.

Veterinary Receptionist

Veterinary Nurse

Dianne Watson

Di started working at Penrith Vets in 1985 as a veterinary nurse following her love of animals and animal care that she studied at school. Over the last 20 years, she has diversified her career to run a successful photography business and more recently running a farm stay accommodation website. She still enjoys a day a week at Penrith Vets keeping in contact with all the people that she has developed a relationship with over nearly 30 years. She has a loveable and loyal Labrador called Tilly who travels everywhere with her and three cats: Whitlam, Tiggar and Angel.

Anita Ellis

Anita has been with Penrith Veterinary Hospital since late 2007 and holds a certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She is one of our valued nursing directors and is extremely proficient in all aspects of her nursing responsibilities. She enjoys medical nursing, especially pre and post-operative care and has a keen interest in animal behaviour. Anita shares her spare time with her cheeky Bull Terrier cross, JD.

Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary Nurse

Laura Cutler

Laura has been with Penrith Vets since 2009 and has a Certificate IV qualification in Veterinary Nursing. She is an integral part of our team and is one of our nursing directors. She has a keen interest in surgical and medical nursing and exotic animals. Laura is also a licensed microchip identifier and is a Hill’s veterinary nutritional advocate. She has recently completed a pet Massage course and now offers pet massage sessions in the clinic. Laura has two mischievous Alexandrine parrots ‘Calypso’ and ‘Mr Darcy’.

Lisa Hardwidge

Anita has been with Penrith Veterinary Hospital since late 2007 and holds a certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She is one of our valued nursing directors and is extremely proficient in all aspects of her nursing responsibilities. She enjoys medical nursing, especially pre and post-operative care and has a keen interest in animal behaviour. Anita shares her spare time with her cheeky Bull Terrier cross, JD.

Veterinary Nurse

Head Nurse

Jessica Jolly 

Jess came to Penrith Vets in 2005 after working at Guildford as a vet nurse and prior to that as a florist. She holds a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, is one of our nursing directors and is an integral part of our hospital. If you have ever had your pet groomed with us, Jess is likely to have been the culprit, especially if your pet came out looking better than expected. She has a cute little Bichon called Millie fostered out to her parents, a cheeky cat called Tango who has yet to overly traumatise her Budgie, Bosco, and a Cockatiel called Storm. The new addition to her family is Rosie, a sweet little Cavoodle who has instantly settled into her new home.

Nicole Ollivier 

Nicole came to Penrith Vets in February 2000 and holds a Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV. From junior nurse to qualified nurse to head nurse, Nicole has always been an essential part of Penrith Vets. After spending some time travelling and locuming as a nurse in the UK in 2005 and 2006, she returned and soon after did a three-week stint in India with Vets Beyond Borders, helping to care for stray animals. As (possibly to her anguish) the go-to person for just about everything, she manages everyone and everything with patience and good humour and is an integral part of the running and culture of Penrith Vets.

Grace Priestley
Veterinary Receptionist

Grace first filled in for someone at Penrith Veterinary Hospital in 1973! After popping in with some regularity while working elsewhere, Grace began working a regular evening shift in 1984 and has done the same shift ever since. Between working at the vets and in a medical centre, Grace is very well known in Penrith, having given advice to literally thousands of people in that time about their pets’ care. Very caring but with a sharp sense of humour, Grace is one of the faces of Penrith Veterinary Hospital. She cares for an undisclosed number of very lucky strays dogs with her husband Noel, who have all benefited greatly from Grace’s kindness and nurturing.

Allana Lumley  
Veterinary Nurse

Allana came to Penrith Veterinary Hospital for work experience while she was doing her Veterinary Nursing Certificate IV course at TAFE in 2009. Her vibrant disposition and warm-hearted approach to animal care mean the pets and owners that she cares for are well looked after. In 2011, she started taking on nursing director duties, which she continues to do. Allana was adopted by Connor, her cat-come-dog who, like most cats, moved in on his own accord and decided that he would adopt Allana as his person. He now has to share his home with Mikey, a Staffie cross puppy who keeps her on her toes.

Since 1969, our veterinarians have been here for you and your pets.

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