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Penrith Vet puppy care

While caring for a pup is a richly rewarding experience, the many options and responsibilities can cause some confusion. We can help with that through training, treatments and advice.

Penrith Vet kitten care

Cats are fantastic pets that provide unconditional love and affection, bringing enjoyment and companionship to many individuals and families.

Medications for fleas

As most people know, there are hundreds of different medications for fleas (sprays, collars, powders, washes, tablets, bombs, herbal remedies, shampoos, etc.) We can help you find the right one.

Why is my dog itchy?

Why is my dog itchy?: excessive scratching or chewing, paw licking, recurrent ear irritation, face rubbing, repeated skin infections, scooting, chronic sneezing and weeping eyes.

Penrith Vets microchipping

With new rules being implemented recently, there is much confusion regarding microchipping legislation. We can help you understand the laws and regulations surrounding this topic.

Pre-anaesthetic test

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests can be performed before giving anaesthesia to your pet. This allows us to know how anaesthesia will affect your specific pet.

Dental care

While none of these measures ‘guarantee’ perfect dental care, it is well known that your pet’s general well-being can be greatly increased by caring for their teeth.

We are a well-equipped veterinarian hospital

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