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The solution for fleas

As most people know, there are hundreds of different medications for fleas (i.e. sprays, collars, powders, washes, tablets, bombs, herbal remedies, shampoos etc.) All of these things do kill fleas, but there is a very good reason why most will not solve your flea problem.

For every flea on your pet, there are literally hundreds of eggs, larvae and pupae in the environment, whether that is in the house, in the yard, under the house, etc. What that means is, when we wash our pets for fleas, it does kill those fleas on the pet but does not stop other fleas jumping on. So what you find is the next day your pet has just as many fleas again.
Unfortunately, there is no product that totally prevents fleas from jumping on. Therefore, the only way to stop fleas is to either treat the environment so that every egg, larva and pupa is killed (very difficult to achieve) or make sure that every flea that jumps on your pet dies stopping a ‘next generation’ of fleas.

Therefore, we want to make sure that your pet is covered all over and at all times with a product that kills fleas or stops them from reproducing.

There are four medications that can remove fleas:
Frontline - a once monthly spot-on that very effectively kills fleas all day every day. It is very safe for you and your pet and extremely easy to apply. It kills paralysis ticks and certain mites also.

Program/Sentinel - a once-monthly tablet or paste that works by stopping the fleas that bite from reproducing. It works well as a long term solution but not as a short term one, and is best used either early in a problem, or in combination with one of the above. It is very safe for your pet. Sentinel is a combined flea and heartworm/intestinal worm product.
Revolution - a once monthly spot-on medication that works as effectively as effectively as Frontline and Advantage and is as easy to use. It also kills certain mites but has no effect on ticks. It also kills heartworm in dogs and cats and intestinal worms in cats. It is significantly more expensive than Frontline or Advantage.

Advantage - a once monthly spot-on that kills fleas as effectively as Frontline. It is also very effective, safe and extremely easy to apply. It can be used as early as 2 days of age. It will, if used on a feeding mother, rub off on pups and kittens to help them also. It does not kill ticks or mites.
It will often take 1-3 months before flea eggs/larvae/pupae that are present in the environment all hatch, develop to fleas and then die. Therefore, it takes this length of time to eliminate fleas altogether. It is important to note that this will only occur if all animals on the property are treated, otherwise the untreated animal acts as a source of food allowing fleas to breed again and restart the cycle. We can advise you on which would be more appropriate for your situation. Occasionally, fleas can be eliminated by regular spraying, washing and the use of flea bombs.

We can check your dog for fleas and provide solutions

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