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Glenmore Park Vet Community Guide

Glenmore Park is a great community for pet owners and animal lovers. The city’s animal populace has been cared for by the most skilled and trusted Glenmore Park vets such as Penrith Veterinary Hospital for over forty years now. The veterinary hospital aims to provide friendly, comprehensive and affordable veterinary services so that Penrith residents can care for their pets in the best possible ways. 

If you are a pet owner who just moved in to Glenmore Park or a native of the city who just acquired a pet, then don’t waste time, schedule as soon as possible to visit a Glenmore Park vet such as Penrith vet Hospital. Getting to know a vet who is a native of the area or a longtime resident of the area has lot of advantages. 

The main advantage is that local a vet knows the community’s animal services. Penrith city officials know that many Australians are animal lovers. The city council would like every Penrith city resident who is pet owner or who plans to have a pet to become responsible care giver to their pets as well as a member of the Penrith community. The city council recommends the website, www.petinthecity.net.au. The website provides practical information helping people decide what pet is suitable for their lifestyle.

In Penrith, impounded and rescued dogs and cats are cared for at the Hawkesbury Animal Shelter.  For those who have lost an animal, or if you have found an animal, you can contact Penrith Council Animal Services. 

For Penrith residents who are dog owners, Penrith Kennel and Obedience Club, Inc. provides weekly classes that train owners in responsible dog ownerships and give dogs opportunities for socialization. The club, which is affiliated with the Royal NSW Canine Council runs breed shows and obedience trials twice a year. 

Penrith City also encourages dogs to run and play without a leash. The Penrith City Council has identified these places as Dog-Off Leash Areas:

  • Cranebrook,
  • Emu Heights,
  • North St. Marys,
  • Sth Penrith,
  • St. Clair and
  • Werrington.

Jamison Park on Racecourse Road, close to Smith Street, is worth-mentioning for its dog-friendly open space.

Do you and your dogs like the water? Try the Sydney International Regatta Centre on Old Castlereagh Road; on top of being dog-friendly, it is also a good place for you and your pet to meet a new friend or two as it is a popular destination!